At the current time for me I have 13 days and 24 minutes until the Adventure Time season premiere.

So while I was looking for the voice actor for Marshal Lee I got really side tracked and found this:

Adventure Time Season 5 promo00:31

Adventure Time Season 5 promo

Which really throws all my previos predictions out the window, but then allows room for even more possibilities.

So Huckleberry Finn isn't going to meet regular Finn I guess, but the chances of PB being his mom have also gone down.

What's with Ice King? Were is the magic of Ooo? Are there still hoomans? Was the Mushroom war the Lich's fault?

Don't forget to think about poor Lady Rainicorn, what's going to happen to Jake's puppies?

And what the freak about Fionna? I guess that episode has nothing to do with the season premeire.

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