It's a beautiful day. Jake talks to Finn while he walks him towards Flame Princess' house. Flame Princess waits in front of her house, trying to build a front house picnic table. "Hey, FP! How are ya?" Finn says, getting off of Jake's back. Flame Princess walks over to Finn and claps. "Yayyy you're here! I've been waiting for you! You can start by gathering some of that wood over there". Flame Princess says, pointing to a pile of wood. Finn aimlessly walks over to the wood, and then grabs a few. Finn talks to Jake. "Jake! Come over here and help me out!" Jake walks to Finn, and grabs some wood. Then he stretches his arms over to the flaming wood, and repeats.

A few minutes later, Flame Princess, Finn, and Jake were finished with the picnic table. Flame Princess claps again. "It's so beautiful! Now I can eat outside too!" Flame Princess turns to Finn, and says, "Thank you so much for helping me. I heard Princess Bubblegum was having that ball on Saturday night...what was it called again?" "Oh, it was called Bubblegum Bingo Masquerade Party. But don't worry about the masks. PB passes them out during dance time. A bunch of people are gonna be there. Marceline's gonna be there, Tree Trunks, LR, everybody!" Finn says. "Ooh, that sounds a lot of fun! I don't really know anybody there. But that Marceline person sounds pretty cool." Flame Princess replies. What should I do? I can't just tell her I want to go to the ball with her! Finn thought, pretty shyly. "Uhh...Flame Princess! Would you...." Finn froze. He was sweating. Flame Princess looked pretty concerned. "Sorry, FP. I was gonna say would you...mind if we go now? I'm pretty sure BMO needs help with his soccer tryouts today." Finn finally says. "Oh, thats alright. You can go help BMO. I need to cook some breakfast." Flame Princess replies. "Bye, Flame Princess!" Finn and Jake says in unison. Flame Princess waves, and then heads inside her house. Finn and Jake walk back home. "So...what were you gonna say

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